It is always a challenge to photograph people, especially children. Sometimes, a misunderstanding or a bad day is enough to get a bitter look instead of a hearty laugh. This is the moment, where I have to take control and redefine the mood to give the situation a different direction. After all, it is my job to build trust and make the children comfortable. Only then will I be able to catch a glimpse of the true self and look behind the façade.
Often, one only has a fraction of a second in which one can see true thoughts, emotions, and feelings on a face. I love to capture exactly these moments and make them visible in my pictures.

Experience shows that happy children‘s faces are often seen on photographs. However there are so many other interesting emotions. My portfolio is about the friendship of two children. There was a big dispute between the two, which brought a lot of misfortune. Thanks to the help of good fairy, who is shown on two photographs, the dispute between the two was settled.

This series, consisting of 11 photographs, was created during the summer of 2019 in Hamburg.
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