The Foundling Fiete

As a mother and school photographer, I come into contact not only with many children but also with many fantasy stories. I‘d like to show you one of those fantasy stories, today.

Once upon a time there was a foundling named Fiete. He neither had a mom or a dad and he didn‘t have siblings, either. He found a way into our hearts, instantly. He stayed with us for a long time and lived in our garden as a new member of the family.
But, eventually even foundlings become fledglings. Now, the desire to travel and to discover the world has taken hold of him.
Let‘s see what lies ahead, and when I can sneak in a photo! His journey is far from over, and we can look forward to many more pictures.

This series, consisting of 12 photographs, was created during the summer of 2019 in and around Hamburg.
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